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BG161PO001/1.5-03/2011 “Support for integrated urban transport in the five big cities”

A new OPRD grant scheme is launched - BG161PO001/1.5-03/2011 “Support for integrated urban transport in the five big cities”

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works has announced a procedure for direct provision of grants of Operational Programme Regional Development 2007-2013 and invites the municipalities of Plovdiv, Varna, Pleven, Russe and Stara Zagora to submit project proposals under Priority Axis 1: “Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development”, Operation 1.5 “Sustainable Urban Transport Systems”, grant scheme BG161PO001/1.5-03/2011 “Support for integrated urban transport in the five big cities”.

The grant scheme objectives are:

  • Establishment of a more efficient and speedy public urban transport with less energy consumption;

  • Construction of a more accessible secondary infrastructure of public transport networks and introduction of environmentally friendly modes of urban transport;

  • Increasing the attractiveness and use of public urban transport;

  • Improvement of the city’s functionality and people’s mobility;

  • Reduction of traffic jams and enhancement of the opportunities provided by urban transport;

  • Ensuring social inclusion and equal access to vulnerable groups.

The grant scheme is implemented with the EU financial support provided through the European Regional Development Fund. Projects will be implemented on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria within the cities of Plovdiv, Varna, Pleven, Russe and Stara Zagora.

Activities to be supported:

  • development of traffic management plans and installation of automated management and control systems by introducing and improving the systems for management and information services (for example traffic management centers; centralized computer system; vehicle detector stations; remotely replaceable information panels; scales; communication sub-systems);

  • improvement of accessibility to urban bus stations – platforms for people with disabilities; removal of obstacles to orientation and information; light and sound announcement at bus stops; clear visual marking of bus lines; schedules comprehendible to people with poor eyesight, information for blind people, etc.);

  • renovation of transport infrastructure – contact network, improvement of bus stops, auto repair, maintenance and equipment base;

  • development of infrastructure route network with new destinations to remote residential areas;

  • provision of a noise protection system – equipping tram lines with anti-vibration and noise reduction elements;

  • rehabilitation and reconstruction of street network, including surveillance systems, etc. related to development of the integrated urban transport system;

  • development and improvement of public urban transport systems using buses, trams, trolleys corresponding to European legislation on engines’ harmful emissions and use of renewable/alternative energy sources in urban transport.

  • construction/reconstruction/rehabilitation of pedestrian lanes and pavements, bicycle lanes, pedestrian areas, pedestrian and cyclist lanes, underpasses, transport infrastructure, including related activities – placement  of indicative signs, markings, etc. as a part of the integrated urban transport system;

  • measures related to parking organization in proximity to key areas of public urban transport.

The total scheme amount adds up to BGN 203 655 639,43.

Deadline for submission of project proposals: 15 March, 2012, 16 PM local time.

The full package of documents and Guidelines for Applicants are published on web sites, Actual scheme, and  




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