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BG161PO001/3.1-04/2011 “Renovation and conservation of the Palace in Evksinograd and the palace park”

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works opens a direct grant procedure under Operational Programme Regional Development 2007-2013, Priority Axis 3 “Sustainable Tourism Development”, Operation 3.1. “Improvement of tourist attractions and the related infrastructure”, scheme BG161PO001/3.1-04/2011 Renovation and conservation of the Palace in Evksinograd and the palace park.

The grant scheme aims at supporting the development of the Palace in Evksinograd and the palace park as a competitive tourist attraction contributing to the development of sustainable cultural tourism, diversified tourism supply and increased benefits from tourism.

The specific beneficiary under this scheme is the Council of Ministers.

The scheme is implemented with the financial support of the European Union via the European Regional Development Fund. The total amount disbursed under the scheme is 9 779 150 BGN or 5 000 000 EUR.

Eligible activities:

1.Develop the cultural and historical attractions – construction works, renovation, conservation, exhibition, protection, equipment, introducing new techniques and programmes for interpretation and animation, etc.

2.Improve the relevant tourist infrastructure required for the purposes of tourist attractions (tourist tracks and health tracks, hiking routes, riding and cycling, signs, tourist information points, picnic sites, playgrounds for children and leisure facilities, not generating income, parking lots, pavements, green areas, public lavatories, lighting, small waste collection facilities, facilities improving the access of the disabled and facilitating the access of elderly people);

3.Develop complementary small-scale technical infrastructure in the area of attractions (roads, utility services and amenities for the visitors) providing for the integrated development of tourist products;

4. Complementary small-scale non-infrastructural activities directly bearing on the supported immovable cultural heritage (organization of events in the area of the attraction, marketing and advertising);

5.Training of the staff employed to operate the attractions;

The deadline for the project proposal is 30 September 2011, 16:00 p.m. local time.

The Guidelines for Applicants and the full set of documents have been approved by the Head of the MA of OPRD with order No РД-02-14-246/ 10.02.2011.


Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works is pleased to inform Council of Ministers concrete beneficiary under scheme BG161PO001/3.1-04/2011 “Restoration and conservation of Evksinograd palace and adjacent park” on the revision of the Guidelines for application in accordance with Article 34 of Council of Ministers Decree 121 of 31.05.2007 and Ordinance № RD-02-14-1931/ 19.09.2011 of the Head of the Managing Authority.

Deadline for application is prolonged until 30 May 2012, 16:00 h local time.

The revised document is published on the website of Operational Programme “Regional Development”, section Actual schemes, the website of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and the Single Information Web Portal

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