Certifying Authority
The functions of Certifying Authority (single for all Operational Programs in Bulgaria) in accordance with Article 61 of the General Regulation will be implemented by the “National Fund” Directorate within the Ministry of Finance. The Certifying Authority is responsible for drawing up and submitting to the Commission certified statements of expenditure and applications for payment, and in particular for certifying that:

•    The statement of expenditure is accurate, results from reliable accounting systems and is based on verifiable supporting documents;
•    The expenditure declared complies with applicable Community and national rules and has been incurred in respect of operations selected for funding in accordance with the criteria applicable to the programme and complying with Community and national rules.

The CA maintains accounting records in computerised form of expenditure declared to the EC and keeps an account of amounts recoverable and of amounts withdrawn following cancellation of all or part of the contribution for an operation. It ensures that the beneficiaries/ contractors receive timely payments on the basis of requests for funds submitted by the MA and reports to the EC any irregularities, including the procedures and the changes resulting there from.

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