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06.12.2011 Forthcoming signing of contracts under scheme BG161PO001/2.1-01/2007.

On 07 December 2011, Wednesday, in the presence of Mrs. Lilyana Pavlova, Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Mrs. Denitsa Nikolova, Head of the Managing Authority of OPRD with Mr. Lazar Lazarov, Chairman of the Managing Board of Road Infrastructure Agency will sign 15 grant contract under the programme, scheme BG161PO001/2.1-01/2007 Support for rehabilitation and reconstruction of second-class and third-class roads”. 

The scheme is implemented with the financial support of the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund. Approved for funding under the scheme are 15 project fiches, as the total amount of grant in line of OPRD adds up to BGN 155 million.

The project fiches under 15 lots are allocated to:  

  • Second-class (outside the Trans-European Transport Network) and third-class roads servicing interregional connections and providing opportunities for development of their specific economic potential;
  • Second-class (outside the Trans-European Transport Network) and third-class roads providing access to regions with potential for tourism development.

The lots to be funded are as follows:

  1. Lot 32 Road ІІІ-7002-Venets-Bortsi-Yasenkovo from km. 0+000 to km. 10+ 600;
  2. Lot 33 Road ІІI-1801-Sofia Ring-Road-Suhodol Quarter-Malo Buchino-Golyamo buchino-Pernik City /Moshevo Quarter/ from km. 0+00 to km. 4+474.04 and from km. 4+976.74 to km. 18+264.50;
  3. Lot 34 Road III-3002-Balgarene-Stejerovo-Bojorluk from km. 0+000 to km.  20+624.75 and road ІІ-13-Border Vratsa-Kneja km. 67+300 to km. 72+194;
  4. Lot 35 Road III-306-Lukovit-Cherven Bryag-Kneja from km. 0+000 to km. 9+715 and from km. 19+207 to km.  35+946;
  5. Lot 37 Road ІІІ-121-Inovo-Gradets-Shishentsi-Boynitsa-Kula from km. 31+851 to km. 41+300 and from km. 41+300 to km. 50+253;
  6. Lot 38 Road ІІ-56-Brezovo-Rakovski from km. 71+600 to km. 83+511.60 and from km. 85+060 to km. 90+327.652;
  7. Lot 39 Road II-63 -Pernik-Strezimirovtsi from km. 43+300 to km. 52+594.89;
  8. Lot 40 Road ІІІ-106-Blagoevgrad-Stanke Lisichkovo-Border Check Point Macedonia from km. 0+00 to km. 1+ 820  and from km. 2+700 to km. 24+343.52;
  9. Lot 41 RoadІІ – 58-Area І-5(Chernoochene)-border with District Road Management Plovdiv from km. 17+500 to km. 25+047 and road ІІІ-5904-Krumovgrad-Daskari-Golyamo Kamenyane-Avren-Greek Border from km. 20+340 to km. 26+166;

10.  Lot 42 Road ІІ-13-Krapchene-Stubel-Lipen- border with District Road Management Vratsa  from km. 0+000 to km. 10+060;

11.  Lot 43 Road ІІІ-536- Yambol Ring-Road-Rosa-Borevo-Meden kladenets-Skalitsa-Ovchi kladenets from km. 0+000 to km. 3+101.24  and road ІІ-53- border of District Road Management Sliven-Yambol Ring-Road-Kalchevo-Pobeda-Chelnik-Tamarino-Voynika- border with District Road Management Burgas from km.  146+289 to km. 148+238.24;

12.  Lot 44 Road ІІІ-7102-Road fork ІІ-71 (Kolartsi)-Mali izvor-Tervel from km. 0+000 to km.  19+032.31;

13.  Lot 45 Road ІІІ-6233-Blateshnitsa-Baykalsko-Dragomirovo  from km. 5+100 to km. 15+600;

14.  Lot 46 Road ІІІ-202-Russe-Tsar Kaloyan-Shtraklevo-Katselovo-Opaka-Popovo    from km.  0+000 to km. 6+893.06  and from km. 9+362 to km. 12+000;

15.  Lot 52 Road ІІ-27- border with District Road Management Varna (Cherventsi) - Vladimirovo from km.  42+431 to km. 49+419 and road ІІІ-2077-Chestimensko-Kableshkovo- border with District Road Management Silistra (Mejden) from km. 0+000 to km. 11+000.


The official signing of contracts will be held on 07 December 2011, Wednesday, 12:00 noon, Sofia, at the Infrastructure Agency Building.

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