Specific objectives of the operation

Integrated Urban Transport

Implementation of projects for modernization of the public transport in Bulgaria's seven largest cities: Sofia, Burgas, Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora, Ruse and Pleven is provided under Operational Program Regional Development 2007 – 2013 (OPRD).  

The operation’s total value is approximately BGN 411 million or EUR 210 million.

The Operation 1.5 “Integrated Urban Transport Systems” main objective is to provide accessibility and cohesion through efficient and sustainable transport systems.  

The development of sustainable and environmentally friendly urban transport systems is of utmost importance.  It requires from the big cities to try to increase the number of public transport users and to develop plans and programs for the construction of bike lanes, parking lots and other similar facilities.  It will be possible only if the urran transport and the related systems are well-developed, efficient and attractive.  The outlining of the public transport advantages may contribute to the geographic and social integration of the cities and regions and to ensure equal access to the labour market and social services.

The organization of the urban systems must be planned so as to support the territories’ balanced social and economic development.  Special attention must be paid in this regard to the territorial division, the development of services offered by the public and private sectors, the cultural and educational sites, healthcare, transport and logistics in particular.

The purpose of the development of sustainable urban transport is to improve the living and environmental conditions in the main urban regions of the country.  The operation will be focused mainly on the establishment of a more efficient and faster public transport with decreased energy consumption, construction of a secondary infrastructure of the public transport networks and introduction of eco-friendly types of public transport.  The availability of different types of vehicles in the urban transport system shall ensure the desired balanced division and shall decrease the environmental impact.  

The concentration of efforts over the establishment of a fast, attractive, accessible, environmentally friendly and comfortable urban transport system will lead to decreased traffic jams and their negative consequences.  

Specific objectives of the operation:

  • Establishment of a faster and more efficient urban transport system, decreasing the energy consumption; 
  • Establishment of more accessible secondary structure of the urban transport networks and introduction of environmentally friendly kinds of transport;
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the urban transport system;
  • Introduction of efficient automated system for transport and traffic management and control;
Provision of social inclusion and equal access of socially unequal groups

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