Eligible activities for funding
  • Development of traffic management plans and implementation of automated control and management systems through introduction and improvement of the management and information systems and services (for example traffic management centres, centralized computer system, vehicle detecting stations, information boards with remote control, scales, communication subsystems);
    Improving the accessibility of city bus stops – platforms for disabled persons, removing orientation and information obstacles, information systems with lights and sounds, clear visual outlining of the bus stops, schedules understandable by people with reduced eyesight, information for blind people and so on;
  • Renovation of the transport infrastructure – contact network, improved bus stops, repair and maintenance stations, equipment;
  • Development of infrastructural network with new destinations to remote residential areas;
  • Sound-protection system – installation of anti-vibration and sound-insulation systems to the tram lines;
  • Development and improvement of the urban transport systems using buses, trams, trolleybuses in accordance with the European emissions legislation and implementation of renewable/alternative energy sources in the public transport system;
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of street networks including video-monitoring systems in relation with the development of an integrated urban transport system;
  • Construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of pedestrian lanes, alleys and sidewalks, bicycle lanes, underpasses, transport infrastructure, including related activities such as installation of signs, markings and so on as a part of the integrated urban transport system;
  • Measures in relation to the parking organization near by key points of the mass public transport.

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